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Week 1 NFL Picks Against the Spread - 2014 SEASON IS HERE

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It is time for you to stop going through a middle man scam-dicapper who uses inside information to put his big, high roller clients on the right side of any given game, and then puts the less important ones on the other side, hedging his bets in case of an upset, ensuring that he collects no matter what the outcome. Unfortunately it's a far too common occurrence in this industry, but this is your chance to cut-out the middle man and come straight to the source. Because not only do we issue picks to our own clients, but we're also one of the top sources of NFL information in the country. From coast to coast, our in-the-field team brings us detailed reports from every corner of the league, ensuring that our clients, as well as the services that subscribe to us are the most informed players in the country.

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Real Results

There's hundreds of services claiming to consistently hit at over 70% winners, even some services that subscribe and base their picks off of our information claim over 70% winners... Don't believe the hype, folks. We're the real deal, the "inside source" that many of the top sources are claiming, and we've never hit over 70% throughout an entire season when picking over 40 games. And simply put... If we can't do it, it can't be done. A more realitic number that we shoot for and have achieved every season except for our founding season in 2002, is 65% winners. However, last year we topped that mark for the 3rd season in a row with 68% winners, which tied the top mark we set in our best season ever back in 2010. So when a service says they're hitting 73% winners, odds are they're scamming you and you need to join a real source.

Results Over Previous 3 Seasons
2012 - '13 47-22-5 68%
2011 - '12 40-24-7 63%
2010 - '11 49-23-4 68%


guaranteed winners

Source Information Subscription

The Top of the Line in Sports Information

Made particularly for sports handicapping services and high rollers, our Source Information Subscription offers the top of the line in NFL information reports. Not intended for use by common gamblers, this service is a seperate premium service in itself and is for those who rely on gambling as a primary source of income as opposed to the average player who likes to place a few friendly bets. Given the details of this premium service, you must qualify by speaking with one of our team representatives who must first approve you in order to gain access to these information reports. Because our reports are used for commercial use and many services use our information to base their own picks, these special reports are treated with the upmost regard, and we apologize in advance for anyone who does not meet the criteria to qualify. But there's only one way to find out if you do qualify, call today and speak to one of our representatives about our Source Information Subscription!

NFL Picks Week 1 Against the Spread

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We win big for our clients and it's important for you to get on board now. Life is about what happens to you and how you react to it. React and win with our help.


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